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Mission:  The Krewe of the Druids (MKD) is committed to the physical and financial support of Five Horizons Health Services and the clients they serve, by helping to insure quality of life and self esteem and by serving as an advocate for access of care by or from appropriate agencies.


Vision:  MKD aims to be the premier fund raising supporter for Five Horizons Health Services.


Goal:  MKD seeks to increase public awareness, promote compassion and tolerance, and solicit increased public participation and support for Five Horizons and its clients.


A Brief History of The Mystic Krewe of the Druids


It all started in 1991 when a group of friends decided to raise funds for the Emergency Assistance Fund at West Alabama AIDS Outreach (WAAO), at that point a three-year old agency originally started to provide HIV-related outreach and prevention services. The Emergency Assistance Fund provided WAAO clients with financial assistance for medication, food and other living expenses.


That discussion resulted in the formation of the "Quilting Bee" and in the winter of 1992 hosted a Mardi Gras party at Michael's Lounge on Fat Tuesday. Following the success of that event the following year another party, Aladdin and the Arabian Nights, resulted in a $5,000 donation to WAAO.


The Mystic Krewe of the Druids resulted from a reorganization in 1993 and with the assistance of the Birmingham-based Mystic Krewe of Apollo as well as others in the Tuscaloosa area, the 18 original Krewe members began to reach out in the community. One of the first events was a reception in the fall of 1993 at UA in conjunction with the display of a portion of the AIDS memorial quilt on display at the Ferguson Student Center. Not only were funds raised for WAAO but local individuals were able to present quilt panels in memory of their loved ones.


On January 22, 1994, the Krewe's first Bal Masque was held at the Bryant Conference Center. The late Don Allen captained "Around the World" and the evening was highlighted by the crowning of Ray Taylor (King 1) and Greg Howard (Queen I). The following year MKD returned to the Bryant Conference Center for a second time featuring "Once Upon a Time" and ball guests enjoyed the Krewe's interpretation of various fairy tales.


in January 1996 the Krewe moved to our present home, the historic Bama Theatre, in downtown Tuscaloosa as David Massey captained "New York Detours." The Bama has served as the site of each Bal Masque since and oh if the walls could talk. From the Captain's whistle to kick off the night to the crowning of the incoming royalty and grand march, the audience has grown to the present-day sell-outs with our enthusiastic audiences often dressing for the theme of each ball. Ball weekend has also expanded from just the tableaux to a Lieutenant's party, Captain's party, an after-party (often in multiple locations downtown), and more recently emeriti brunch hosted by the current emeritus members of the Krewe.


While Bal Masque weekend is definitely a highlight of the year, members of MKD are active in the community throughout the year. Krewe events include the annual Mr and Miss Druid pageant (started in 1999), a Members-Elect Party, as well as drag brunches and parties such as HalloQueen and Silver Belles. And it's not all just fun and games as the Krewe is involved in the community hosting an Ajani lunch for the clients of Five Horizons (formerly known as WAAO), parking cars at Alabama Power for UA football games, volunteering at the annual Sunset Suppers hosted by Five Horizon, and participating in or co-sponsoring Druid City Pride events.


Today MKD is officially a non-profit organization as defined by the IRS under section 501c3 of their code. 100% of all ticket sales go towards the donation to Five Horizons. As a result, the Krewe has donated nearly $750,000 to Five Horizons over the past thirty years. Pretty impressive if you consider the maximum number of members each year doesn't exceed 40. In 2001 Sandy Harpole became the first female member of the Krewe and went on to be the first female selected as royalty while Michele Massey was the first female to serve as Bal Masque captain and eventually first female president of the Krewe.


Through the years the Krewe has persevered through bad weather, low membership numbers, dwindling financials, and even a global pandemic. In the spring of 2021 when it became apparent that COVID might put a damper on our annual event, krewe members put together a virtual highlight reel of past bal masque performances. Many of our usual guests were able to watch "Show Stoppers and Panty Droppers" virtually instead of in-person and we were able to donate $20,000 in 2021.


Forever in our Hearts:

Don Allen, Captain I and King III - passed January 2009

Wendell Hobart, Captain XIV and Queen XVIII - passed May 2012

Russell Drummond, Captain XI and Queen XIII - passed September 2012

Kevin Thomas (Bambi Kira), Queen XXIII - passed March 2018

David Ford - passed March 2020

Wayne Adams, Founding Member - passed December 2021

Traci Mitchell, Queen XXVI and Captain XXIII - passed December 2023

MKD is officially a non-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the Mystic Krewe of the Druids are tax deductible, as we are classified as a public charity, officially listed as The Krewe of Druids, Inc.
We cannot thank you enough for your support!

Mailing address:

The Mystic Krewe of Druids, Inc.

P.O. Box 1847

Tuscaloosa, Al 35403

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