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Red Ribbon Award

The Red Ribbon Award is an award given to an outstanding MKD member who has gone beyond the call of duty to enhance the quality of the Ball and the Krewe.


Past Recipients:
Randy Smith                 
Ray Taylor                   
Charlie Morris               
Scott Tucker                  
Chris Roycroft               
David Massey
Gary Turner
Russell Drummond
Michele Massey
Gil Mobley
Wendell Hobart
Shep O'Connor

Jennifer Ladnier

Johnny Beck

Steven Yates

George Robson

Jim Bailey

Terry Hampton

Brian Taylor

Traci Mitchell

Jonathan Edmondson

Rick Funk

Carol Gilliland

Kyle Richardson

David Ford

Clayton Howell

John Walker

Daphne Tice

Steven L. Mann Award

The Steven L. Mann Award goes to anyone in the community or Krewe who has made outstanding contributions in AIDS Prevention through education and service.

Past Recipients:
1994 Dr. Middlebrook and staff of Medical Center East
1995 Tim Pennycuff
1996 Royce Roby
1997 Ray Taylor
1998 Ruth Blackburn
1999 Deborah LeBron
2000 Gregory Howard
2001 Mona Ochoa-Horshok
2002 Donnie Lewis
2003 Kate Ragsdale / The Mystic Krewe of Apollo
2004 Mark Legget
2005 Allen and Scarlett Dunnam
2006 Glenda Clark
2007 Annabell Stephens
2008 Ava Buchanan and Lauren Carr

2009 Casey Jones and Steffen Guenzel, PhD
2010 Michele Massey
2011 Gil Mobley
2012 Billy Kirkpatrick
2013 MKD supporters

2014 David Jones and Wayne Adams

2015 Gloria Gray

2016 Doug Kirkley

2017 Lea Yerby

2018 Tim Dreyfus

2019 April Bonds

2020 Debbi Crider Besant

2022 Tyler Keenum and Jimmy WInters

2023 Vicky Carter

2024 Matt Orndorff and Carrie Bregar

Ray Taylor Service Award

The Ray Taylor Service Award is annually awarded to a WAAO Board member who went beyond the call of duty in advancing the mission of West Alabama AIDS Outreach.

Past Recipients:
2001 Ray Taylor         
2002 Scarlett Dunnam
2003 Kate Ragsdale
2004 Susan Benke
2005 Sandra Winter
2006 Dr. Mark Leggett
2007 Greg Howard
2008 Michele Massey
2009 Casey Jones
2010 David Massey
2011 Susan Gaskins

2012 Lea Yerby

2013 Tim Dreyfus

2014 Vanessa Rush

2015 Lanna Nations

2016 Susanna Johnson

2017 Matthew Orndorff

2018 Debbi Crider Besant

2019 Cindy Smith

2021 Dane Yarbrough

2022 Amanda Cassity

2023 Joel Sogol

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