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King & Queen

Dr. John Walker & Laurascott Barfield

In the winter of 1992, the founding members of the Mystic Krewe of the Druids started out on a journey, 
a journey of love, hope, and community that has now transcended three decades.

Since the Druids' very first Ball in 1994, our magical masquerade has always culminated with a coronation,
a ceremony symbolizing longevity, honor, endurance, and rebirth,
with each royal couple representing the Krewe and it’s cause within the community anew. 

There is no higher honor within our organization than being elected as King or Queen Druid.
We celebrate Dr. John Walker and Laurascott Barfield's royal title,
as they dedicate their work to those that have come before, those that are, and those that will be.


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